CASE 26.—Private William E. Abels, Co. G, 9th N. Y. Art.; age 21; admitted July 10, 1864, very weak. Died suddenly by asphyxia next day. Post-mortem examination: Vessels of brain injected. Epiglottis and its folds much swollen; mucous membrane of larynx and trachea bright-red; no ulcers or false membrane. Right lung nineteen ounces; upper lobe and posterior portion of lower lobe much congested, dark-purple, on section like blackberry jelly; left lung, eighteen ounces, much congested. Heart nine ounces and a half; semilunar valves and lining of aorta and pulmonary artery bright pink. Liver, fifty-four ounces, very soft, acini scarcely perceptible, external surface quite dark, capsule of Glisson easily separated.—Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C.