CASE 20.—Private Thomas McGee, Co. F, 1st Ala. (refugee); age 28; admitted Feb. 23, 1865, with pneumonia of lower lobe of right lung. Incessant vomiting of bilious matters, amounting to six or eight pints daily; tongue moist and clean; pulse feeble and rapid; some cough; slight expectoration. Gave opiates and diaphoretics; applied oiled-silk jacket. 24th: Pulse weaker; still vomiting; hiccough. 25th: Pulse feeble, very rapid; no cough or expectoration. Gave whiskey, beef-tea and carbonate of ammonia. 26th: Tongue moist. Gave tincture of iron. 28th: Pulse almost imperceptible; still vomiting. March 1: Pulse stronger. 3d: Pulse 96, of fair strength; tongue clean; entire right lung affected. 6th: Pulse 110. 7th: Pulse 130 and feeble; no pain; pneumonia in lower part of left lung. 8th: Died at noon. Post-mortem examination: Right lung hepatized throughout; lower edge of left solidified; two pints of serum and much recent lymph in pleuræ. Other organs healthy.—Douglas Hospital, Washington, D. C.