CASE 7.—Recruit Joseph Peters, 29th Colored Troops; age 20; was admitted Feb. 20, 1865, having been sick for several days with pneumonia of the right side. He had a full strong pulse and severe cough, with rusty viscid sputa​. A poultice was applied and expectorants administered. He became restless on the 25th and complained of much pain. Dover's powder was given. On March 5 there was dulness​ over the lower part of the left lung and some crepitation was heard; the breathing became labored. On the 8th the patient was weak and restless; his pulse feeble; skin cold and freely perspiring. Stimulants and beef-extract were given every hour; a blister was applied to the left side, and two grains of calomel with opium were administered hourly for six hours. Next day his skin was warm and he felt easier; but the pulse became small, the breathing irregular and labored. He died on the 12th. Post-mortem examination: The right pleural sac contained twenty-eight ounces of serum mixed with pus and the greater part of the lung was infiltrated with pus; the lower portion of the left lung was hepatized.—Act. Ass't Surgeon S. D. Twining, L'Ouverture Hospital, Alexandria, Va.