CASE 9.—Private Conrad S——, 54th New York Volunteers, aged — years, was wounded at the second battle of Manassas, August 30th, 1862, by a musket ball which produced a scalp wound on the top of the head, across the sagittal suture, parallel to and an inch behind the coronal suture. He was admitted to Finley Hospital, at Washington, on September 3d, and died of "inflammation of the brain" on October 20th, 1862. The records of Finley Hospital give no particulars of the progress and treatment of the case, nor of the the cranium was sent to the Army Medical Museum by Surgeon Israel Moses, U. S. Vols. It shows an exfoliation of the outer table a quarter of an inch by one inch, the surrounding bone being cribriform and spongy. The thin oval necrosed scale is not fractured or displaced. The vitreous table is fissured and slightly depressed. The wood-cuts give a satisfactory representation of the nature and extent of the lesions. (FIG. 50 and FIG. 51.)

FIG. 50.—Depressed fracture of the vitreous table of the parietals an inch behind the coronal suture. Spec. 646, Sect. I, A. M. M.
FIG. 51.—Exterior view of the same specimen, showing an exfoliation from contusion of the skull. Spec. 646, Sect. I, A. M. M.