CASE 15.—Private George Kellers, Co. B, 5th Mich., was admitted Nov. 7, 1861, having had acute bronchitis with high fever for twelve days prior to admission: Pulse 106; face flushed; respiration 32; tongue dry and brown in centre; cough frequent; uneasiness in lower part of the chest, amounting to dull pain on full inspiration; viscid and bloody sputa. Applied blister and gave Dover's powder eight grains, calomel one grain. 8th: Pulse 120, quick; respiration 32; tongue dry and brown; skin hot; countenance anxious; expectoration scanty, viscid and slightly tinged with blood; lips blue and nostrils dilated on inspiration. Gave small doses of quinine, calomel, turpentine and chlorate of potash, whiskey occasionally and milk as desired; applied dry cups to back. In the evening gave veratrum viride and ipecacuanha. 9th: Pulse 106, feeble; respiration 44, labored; lips dark-purple; countenance anxious; nostrils widely distended on inspiration; thick mucous expectoration. Applied dry cups to back; gave brandy; half a grain of calomel every hour; dressed blister with mercurial ointment. 10th: Pulse 84, full and soft; respiration 43, short; no respiratory murmur in right lung; dulness​ with but little expansion. Continued calomel and stimulants. 11th: Pulse 84; dyspnœa urgent, somewhat relieved by the removal of ten ounces of blood by venesection. 12th: Dyspnœa increased. Gave quinine eight grains daily; brandy punch. Removed a few ounces of blood by venesection. 16th; Some expectoration; respiration 30; countenance less anxious; tongue cleaning; pulse 120, soft. 17th: Pulse 120; respiration 32; tongue clean; free purulent expectoration. 2 P. M.: Much pain in right side; great dyspnœa and much anxiety of countenance; profuse sweating. 18th: Died.—Hospital, Alexandria, Va.