CASE 9.—Private Nathaniel Davenport, Co. I, 26th Mich.; admitted Jan. 27, 1863, having been ill two weeks: Delirium; headache; face livid; skin hot and dry; pulse 100 and feeble; tongue dry; bowels loose; abdomen tumid and tender; thoracic symptoms trifling at first but afterwards aggravated; cough frequent and painful, with slight viscid, bloody expectoration, subsequently becoming mixed with pus; diminished resonance over right side anteriorly, with subcrepitant ronchus​ below and puerile respiration above. Gave iron, senega, carbonate of ammonia and morphia every four hours, with dry cups and turpentine stupes, followed by a blister. The sputa​ became copious and fetid and the patient emaciated by night-sweats and exhausting diarrhœa. Gave tonics, stimulants and nutritious diet. He died April 30.—Third Division Hospital, Alexandria, Va.