CASE 7.—Private Charles A. Greenman, Co. C, 32d N. Y., was admitted Sept. 2, 1861, with typhoid fever. During convalescence he took cold, on the 20th, while sleeping in the hospital garden, his throat at once swelling and becoming sore. On October 1 a diphtheritic membrane was observed in the upper part of the pharynx, but there was little constitutional disturbance. A solution of nitrate of silver, forty grains to an ounce of water, was used locally, with chlorate of potash and tincture of iron for internal use. On the 4th the membrane appeared in irregular patches about the palate and tonsils, interfering but little with swallowing, although the parts were very tender; the patient was anæmic. On the 5th a fly-blister was applied to each side of the neck. On the 15th the false membranes were disappearing.—Hospital, Alexandria, Va.