CASE 7.—Private Asa C. Wentworth, Co. H, 19th Me.; admitted Nov. 26, 1863; died Jan. 12, 1864. Post-mortem examination: The velum palati was hard, stiff and white; the tonsils in normal condition. Pharyngitis was present, especially on the right side. Opposite the right arytenoid cartilage a large abscess, with hard, yellowish-white walls, was observed, and the cartilage itself was the seat of a large protuberance, probably a collection of pus. This swelling and the abscess of the pharynx explained the difficulty of deglutition observed during life. A small collection of pus was seen on the opposite side of this region immediately above the greater horn of the hyoid bone. The epiglottis and vocal chords were œdematous and yellowish-white. The heart was soft and the liver bronzed and mottled with hard lardaceous spots. [The condition of the lungs is not stated.]—Ass't Surgeon H. Allen, U. S. A., Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C.