Case at the Hospitals of Alexandria, Va.

CASE 75.—Private James O'Leary, U. S. Inf., unattached; admitted Feb. 23, 1865, from Washington street prison so nearly moribund that no history could be obtained from him. His eyes were fixed and vacant, skin cold, dry and livid. He died soon after admission. Post-mortem examination: The meningeal vessels were pale and watery, as were those of the vascular processes in the lateral ventricles; serum was effused beneath the arachnoid and lymph at the vertex and over the base of the brain; the cerebral substance was pale, soft and anæmic, and the ventricles contained serum with some lymph. The spinal cord was soft. The glands at the root of each lung contained calcareous deposits. The liver was large; the spleen soft and pulpy; the bladder largely distended.