Case at the Hospitals of Alexandria, Va.

CASE 73.—Private Nicholas V. Sharp, Co. A, 25th Wis.; age 36; admitted Feb. 9, 1865, from Washington street prison. Diagnosis—typhoid fever. The only symptoms on the record are: Dark-purple spots covering the body; tongue slightly coated; pulse 130, weak; some frontal headache; bowels loose. He died during the day. Post-mortem examination: Lymph was effused at the base of the brain and between the cerebrum and cerebellum; there was also engorgement of the cerebral veins and serous effusion in the ventricles. The pericardial sac contained effused serum. Part of the upper lobe of the left lung was inflamed and softened. The liver was large, fatty, soft and granular; the spleen large, soft and discolored; the small intestine normal; the colon slightly inflamed.