Cliffburne Barracks Post Hospital (Depot Camp Invalid Corps)

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Prior to October 1863, this Depot Camp, Invalid Corps, was located at Camp Anderson at Meridian Hill.

The Invalid Corps was organized in April 1863. The name was changed to Veteran Reserve Corps in March 1864. In June 1863, the Convalescent Camp near Alexandria, Virginia was designated as the Depot. The Depot was then moved in August 1863 to Camp Anderson, and again in October of 1863 to Cliffburne Barracks, where the post hospital was established.

The Medical Examining Board examined all invalided soldiers for assignment to the Invalid/Veteran Reserve Corps. The sick in the corps were seen at the Cliffburne Barracks Post Hospital.

The post hospital was located in barracks abandoned by troops moving out on campaign. The Medical and Surgical History of the War of Rebellion (Pt. 3, Vol. 1) describes the conversion of these barracks to a hospital with over 1000 beds.


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