Dismounted Camp and Camp Stoneman (Cavalry Depot)

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This camp opened in the Washington area after having been moved from Camp Davis near Alexandria, Virgina. It was designed as the Dismounted Camp for the cavalry forces of the Army of the Potomac. The title and function of the camp was changed to Cavalry Depot in November 1863.

The Camp was arranged in four Grand Divisions, one for each of the cavalry divisions of the Army of the Potomac, and one for all other cavalry organizations outside of that army, called Camp Miscellany. Various patients were sent to the division numerically similar to their regiment number. In December 1864, the camp was relocated to Pleasant Valley, Maryland.

Each of the divisions (First, Second, Third, Camp Miscellany) had a post hospital when first organized. All of the divisions shared a general hospital, the General Hospital, Giesboro, from August 10, 1864 to its closure in December, 1864. The division hospitals for Camp Stoneman are listed individually in the data base


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