Title: Petition of Enoch F. Zell, 14 May 1862

Date: May 14, 1862

Source Text: A microfilm reproduction of the original document held at the National Archives and Records Administration, Microcopy 433, Reel 3. The original document is held in the Records of the District Courts of the United States, 1685–2004, National Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 21. Within the National Archives' Archival Description Catalog, see ARC Identifier 4314547 / MLR Number NC-2 33 (http://arcweb.archives.gov).

Civil War Washington ID: cww.01114

TEI/XML: cww.01114.xml

To John A Smith Esq.​ Clerk of the Circuit Court for the District of Columbia

In compliance with the 9th Section of the Act of Congress approved the 16th of April 1862 entitled "An Act for the release "of certain persons held to service or labor in the District of "Columbia," I herewith submit the Schedule required thereby & request that the same be put of record.

The Person so released fr om Service or labor, & belonging to me at & before the passage of the Act is so named—

Jane Turner Campbell—aged about 12 years. Female. Dark Copper Color

E. F. Zell
Schedule of Enoch F Zell
Under "Emancipation Act of 16th April 1862"
Filed 14th May 1862.
Recorded in Manumission Record No. 1 folio 329
Transcription and encoding: Janel Cayer, Elizabeth Lorang, and Kenneth J. Winkle.