CASE 190.—Private Philo Wilbur, Co. 1, 185th New York, aged 19 years, was wounded in action at the Southside Railroad, Virginia, March 25, 1865. A conoidal ball entered over the left trochanter major, produced a comminuted fracture of the process, and emerged at the lower and inner border of the left buttock. He was taken to City Point and Washington and admitted, on April 2d, into the Mount Pleasant Hospital. On April 7th there was febrile action and anorexia. On April 9th, Assistant Surgeon H. Allen, U. S. A., removed several detached fragments of bone. Irritative fever and anorexia continued. On April 14th he had a rigor; pyæmia appeared, with vomiting and diarrhœa. On April 18th secondary hæmorrhage of from six to eight ounces occurred from branches of the external circumflex, and was arrested by compression of the femoral. He died April 20, 1865. The history, with the specimens 3143 and 67 (FIG. 43), were contributed by Assistant Surgeon H. Allen, U. S. A.—(Circular No. 2, p. 106, CASE 274.)

FIG. 43.—Upper portion of left femur, with fragments of bone removed after shot fracture of the neck. Specs. 3143 and 67.