CASE 1801.—Private J. L. Mortimer, Co. C, 67th Pennsylvania, aged 40 years, was wounded at Petersburg, March 25, 1865, and was treated in the depot hospital at City Point, thence transferred to Washington, and admitted to Mount Pleasant Hospital on April 2d. Assistant Surgeon H. Allen, U. S. A., the operator, noted: "Admitted with gunshot wound of the right upper extremity, compound comminuted fracture, involving elbow joint; ball entered at the outer side of the bend of the elbow and emerged one inch internal to and above the olecranon, fracturing the external condyle. On April 5, 1865, the patient was anaesthetized by equal parts of ether and chloroform and an incision was made from the outer border of the bend of the elbow, posteriorly, to the inner border. The articular surface was removed by the saw; of the ulna and radius by gouging with forceps. Four ligatures were applied to small branches. There was considerable oozing from the bone. At the time of operation the forearm and hand were œdematous, the swelling extending above the elbow; the wounds had an unhealthy appearance and an unhealthy pus exuded from them; the general health was good. The after-treatment consisted of simple cold-water dressings, and afterward lead and opium wash; tonics, stimulants, and nourishing diet. The wound healed rapidly, and the patient was transferred to Philadelphia." He was admitted to Mower Hospital May 18, 1865, and thence discharged the service, with anchylosis of the elbow, June 29, 1865, and pensioned. The specimen (FIG. 625), consisting of the articular extremity of the right humerus sawn just above the condyles and excised for fracture of the external condyle, was contributed by the operator. In September, 1873, Examiner W. J. Mullin, of Shellsbury, reported: "The arm is wasted and badly deformed; disability total." Pensioner was paid March 4, 1874.

FIG. 625.—Excised condyles of humerus, shattered by shot. Spec. 72. ⅓