CASE 681.—Private I. D. Mason, Co. D, 17th Maine, aged 30 years, was wounded at the Wilderness, May 5, 1864, by a musket ball, which entered the external aspect of the left leg, fracturing the tibia immediately below its head, passed into the right leg about two inches lower down, fracturing the right tibia also, and lodging. The wounded man was treated at Fredericksburg until May 25th, when he was admitted into Douglas Hospital, Washington, in a typhoid state. Death took place from exhaustion May 31, 1864. The upper halves of the bones of both legs are represented in the adjacent cuts (FIGS. 262, 263), exhibiting each tibia to be shattered in the upper third, and showing incipient necrosis as the only observable change. The history and the specimens were contributed by Assistant Surgeon W. Thomson, U. S. A.

FIG. 262.—Shot fracture of upper third of left tibia. Spec 3549.
FIG. 263.—Shot fracture of right tibia. Spec 3549.