CASE 605.—Private J. W. Derr, Co. E, 7th Maryland, aged 18 years, was wounded at Hatcher's Run, March 31, 1865, and admitted to the field hospital of the 2d division, Fifth Corps. Surgeon A. A. White, 8th Maryland, reported: "A musket ball struck the patella of the right knee laterally, shattering the patella into a number of fragments, but not involving the knee joint proper. I excised the entire patella, carefully dissecting it from its covering." Surgeon A. F. Sheldon, U. S. V., reported that the patient was admitted to Campbell Hospital, Washington, April 5th, with the incised wound of the operation healing by first intention. After doing well for three weeks, inflammation commenced and suppuration became very great. Circular amputation through the lower third of the thigh was performed on May 15th, by Acting Assistant Surgeon F. Hall, after which there was favorable progress for a time. On June 10th, there were signs of morbid poisoning, and on June 15th the stump was opened, allowing a canal filled with pus to discharge. Death resulted from exhaustion June 23, 1865. The amputated part of the femur, together with the upper portions of the tibia and fibula, were contributed to the Museum by Surgeon Sheldon, and constitute specimen 4199 of the Surgical Section.