GILDERSLEEVE, WM., Corporal, Co. D, 40th New York Volunteers, aged 23 years, was wounded, in the engagement near Petersburg, Virginia, March 25th, 1865, by a conoidal musket ball, which entered the scalp over the lamboidal​ suture and crossing the occipital bone obliquely, emerged three inches from the wound of entrance, grazing the bone in its passage. He received, at the same time, a wound of the little finger of the left hand. He was, on the following day, admitted to the hospital of the 2d division, Second Corps, and, on March 27th, was transferred to the Finley Hospital, Washington, D. C. On admission, the symptoms were favorable; but, on March 31st, coma, with stertorous breathing, supervened. Sinapisms were applied to nape of neck, wrists, and ankles, and, on the following day, consciousness returned, and the patient felt much improved. On April 4th, erysipelas of the scalp set in, and on April 18th, symptoms of pneumonia appeared; but from April 26th, he gradually recovered and was returned to duty on December 8th, 1865. He was pensioned for one year. Pension Examining Surgeon M. D. Benedict reported, August, 1865, that his disabilities would not be permanent.