Title: Smith, William H.

Source text: Surgeon General Joseph K. Barnes, United States Army, The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion. (1861–65.), Part 1, Volume 2 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1870), 78.

Keywords:on special wounds and injuries of the headwounds and injuries of the headgunshot woundsgunshot wounds of the scalperysipelas supervenedwound of parietal regionerysipelas attacked scalp and face

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CASE.—Private William H. Smith, Co. I, 99th Pennsylvania Volunteers, aged 18 years, received, in an action on the Southside Railroad, Virginia, about April 7th, 1865, a gunshot wound of the right parietal region. He was admitted into the field hospital of the Third Division, Second Corps. Simple dressings were applied. On April 12th, he was admitted into the Second Corps field hospital, at City Point, whence he was transferred, on April 18th, to Finley Hospital, Washington. On April 21st, erysipelas attacked the scalp and face. Tincture of iodine, and lead and opium washes, and poultices were used. He was admitted into Mower Hospital, Philadelphia, May 19th, and on July 19th, 1865, he was discharged from service.