CASE.—Bugler William B——, Co. I, 1st United States Cavalry, received a gunshot penetrating wound of the abdomen, near Brandy Station, Virginia, August 1st, 1863. He was admitted, on the same day, to the hospital of the Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac, and, on the next day, was sent to Washington. He died in an ambulance, while being conveyed to Douglas Hospital. At the necropsy, a small bullet, as though from a carbine, was found to have entered on the right side, fractured the upper edge of the eleventh rib, a little internal to the axillary line, perforated the liver on the anterior and inferior surface of the right lobe, laterally, cut through the spleen, tore away its lower portion, cut into the left kidney, into which it impacted particles of bone, perforated the right kidney through the superior anterior edge, fractured the third lumbar vertebra, and emerged between the tenth and eleventh ribs on the left side, external to the axillary line. The omentum major protruded six inches in length from the wound of exit. The right thoracic cavity was filled with blood. The apparent cause of death was hæmorrhage from the liver. The pathological specimen of the fractured vertebra is No. 1647, Section I, A. M. M. The specimens of the liver and fractured rib are numbered 1646 and 3291, respectively. They were contributed, with a history of the case, by Assistant Surgeon William Thomson, U. S. A.