CASE.—Private John P. Patterson, Co. A, 49th Pennsylvania Volunteers, aged 19 years, was wounded at Rappahannock Station, Virginia, November 7th, 1863, by a conoidal ball, which fractured and depressed both tables of the left parietal bone near the vertex. He was conveyed to Washington, and admitted into the Stanton Hospital on the 9th. Several fragments of bone were removed exposing the dura mater. For two days convulsions occurred; after that the patient became tranquil, with the loss of voluntary motion in the right arm and leg. On the 20th, the paralysis disappeared. The wound suppurated moderately and filled with healthy granulations. On the 26th, and again on the 27th of December, several small spiculæ of bone were removed. By January 1st, 1864, the patient had entirely recovered; was furloughed on the 7th, and admitted to Turner's Lane Hospital, Philadelphia, on May 11th. Epilepsy supervened, and he was discharged from the service on July 18th, 1864. A communication from the Commissioner of Pensions, dated January 2d, 1868, states that Patterson is a pensioner, and that his disability is rated total and permanent. The case is reported by Acting Assistant Surgeon C. Campbell.