CASE.—Sergeant Martin V. B. Quick, Co. B, 6th New York Cavalry, aged 24 years, was wounded at Sailors' Creek​, Virginia, April 6th, 1865, by a ball from a canister shot, which struck the left side of the forehead, transversely, producing a compound comminuted fracture of both tables of the frontal bone just below the protuberance; the scalp was severely lacerated, and the brain pulsations distinctly visible. Surgeon A. P. Clarke, 6th New York Cavalry, removed several fragments of bone immediately after the reception of the injury, dressed the wound, and administered stimulants. Quick was conveyed to the field hospital of the 1st division, Cavalry Corps, and after several days, transferred to City Point, Virginia, entering the Cavalry Corps depot field hospital on the 14th. On the following day he was transferred, per hospital steamer Connecticut, to Washington, entering Lincoln Hospital on the 16th, and thence, on the 22d of May, to Satterlee Hospital, Philadelphia. The wound was still open, with some necrosis. Water dressings were applied and full diet ordered. The case progressed favorably, and on the 12th of July, the patient was returned to duty, the wound having healed. He is not a pensioner.