CASE.—J. B. I—— was received on board the hospital steamer State of Maine from City Point, on April 5th, 1865, with a gunshot fracture of the frontal bone over the left eminence caused by a small iron canister shot. He died while on the way to Alexandria. At the autopsy a portion of the depressed bone and the missile were found imbedded in the anterior lobe, and pus existed under the pia mater on the frontal and parietal convolutions. The substance of brain was mostly of a dark slate color and was greatly softened. There were no special bloody effusions. The pathological specimen is No. 1497, Sect. I, A. M. M. The wound of the external table is one inch by one and three-fourths from which two-thirds of the substance have been removed, the remaining fragments being slightly depressed. The fracture and loss of substance of the inner table are somewhat greater and the borders are necrosed. The specimen, with the history, was contributed by Surgeon E. Bentley, U. S. V.