CASE.—Private George H. Murphy, Co. E, 11th Pennsylvania Volunteers, was wounded at Bull Run, August 30th, 1862, by a musket ball which entered behind the mastoid process of the left temporal bone, fracturing a portion, and emerged immediately exterior to right ala nasi. He was conveyed to Alexandria, and on September 3d, was admitted to the 3d division hospital. The muscles of the lower jaw were rigid, and spiculæ of the mastoid process were discharged from time to time. At the time of his discharge from service, October 23d, 1862, the wound had not entirely healed. Pension Examiner J. H. Anawalt, in a communication dated March 6th, 1867, reports that the left lachrymo-nasal​ duct had closed, the sac constantly becoming distended with secretion; that there was hyperæsthesia of left side of face; and that the patient could not bear exposure to cold without much suffering. In March, 1868, his disability was rated one-half and permanent.