Madame Hays' (Mrs. Louise Hays)

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"Emma Young, an inmate of the notorius house of prostitution, No. 537 Twelfth street, kept by Madame Hays, was arrested last night by Patrolman Mattingly, of the Second ward. He found her promenading Pennsylvania avenue, dress in apparel unbecoming her sex. She had on a soldier's uniform, and probably imagined herself a major general of the United States army. The officer took her to the station house and locked her up for the night, where it is hoped she had sufficient time to repent of her sins. She was examined this morning, before Justice Clayton, who fined her $5."

"Dressed in Male Attire," National Republican, April 2, 1863.

The Provost Marshal's list of bawdy houses includes Mrs. Louise Hays, at 537 12th St. It noted that the house has 5 inmates and was a class 3 place.