Fort Albany

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Located on the farm of James Roach and heirs, J. R. Johnson, this fort was meant to cover Long Bridge and to defend Arlington. On 24 December 1862, Generals Totten, Meigs, Barry, Barnard, and Cullum in a letter to Secretary of War Henry Stanton described it thus: "work partly bastioned, well built, and in admirable condition, the parapets being turfed and scarps revered with boards. It is well defiladed, and in a very advantageous position to cover the Long Bridge, and look into the gorges of Forts Richardson and Craig. It sees the high ground in front of Fort Tillinghast, and commands the valley between Forts Richardson and Scott. It is well provided with magazines, embrasures, and bomb-proofs. Some heavy rifled pieces are wanted."


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