Title: Evidence Relating to the Petition of John Bell, 13 November 1862

Date: November 13, 1862

Source Text: A microfilm reproduction of the original document held at the National Archives and Records Administration, Microcopy 520, Reel 6. The original document is held in the Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, 1775–1978, National Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 217.6.5. Within the National Archives' Archival Description Catalog, see ARC Identifier 4644616 / MLR Number A1 347 (http://arcweb.archives.gov).

Civil War Washington ID: cww.00978

TEI/XML: cww.00978.xml

John Bell
servant of
John Manning

Ann Julia Cissel—I know John & have known him from childhood He is son of Ann Bell & belonged to Major Manning who left him by his will to his son & heir John Manning. Dont know when John came up to District [illegible] of him until recently was in Piscatawny last winter

John says he left home at [corn planting?] master drove [him away?] [illegible] and said [illegible] out.

Nov 14.

Sarah A. Stone servant John was not sent away by John Manning I cant say he was here 16 Apl with consent of my brother John Manning. I know he was not. I cant say he was driven away. My brother's health was very bad & [illegible] very bad—my brother is very often in such a state of mind as to say to servants go and no one know any thing about it

I think my brother made efforts to get his servants. I know through his wife that John Alfred & others had gone away & they were trying to get him. Mr M. was not able to attend to [summons?]

Sarah A. Warning I know man know nothing about circumstances. I do not believe he was [here?] with consent of master

John Bell
John [Manning?]
John [Grey?]
Nov 14.
Transcription and encoding: Janel Cayer, Elizabeth Lorang, and Kenneth J. Winkle.