CASE 942.—Contusion of the spine.—Private R. Clark, Co. D, 6th Ohio Cavalry, aged 54 years, received an injury of the spine during the battle of Bull Run, August 29, 1862, and was treated at St. Aloysius Hospital, Washington. Assistant Surgeon A. Ingram, U. S. A., in charge, reported the man's discharge from service December 18, 1862, by reason of "slight anterior curvature, with much tenderness resulting from the injury." The Chicago Examining Board, September 5, 1873, reported that the man was hurt by falling from his horse, and that "the horse stepped upon his loins, injuring the structure of the spine in the muscular and fibrous portions. There is apparent permanent rigidity of the spinal muscles and great pain on pressure or movement." Examining Surgeon J. F. Daggett, of Lockport, Illinois, May 22, 1877, certified to an injury of the spine, etc., and stated that it is difficult to determine what structural impairment there is, but that the functional derangement is severe and continued, and that there is "anchylosis of the lumbar vertebræ; brain affected from spinal irritation or other causes; tendency to mental derangement; general health bad." The pensioner died August 24, 1881, from the results of his injuries.