Case from the case-book of the THIRD DIVISION of the ALEXANDRIA HOSPITAL, Surgeon Edwin Bentley, U. S. V., in charge:⃰

CASE 538.—Private John P. Phillips, company K, 42d Indiana volunteers; age 28; admitted from regimental hospital May 24, 1865. Chronic diarrhœa. The patient was much emaciated and greatly prostrated. Treatment: Astringents, camphor, opium and ipecacuanha. Died, June 12th. Autopsy twelve hours after death: The upper lobes of both lungs and the lower lobe of the left contained tubercular deposits, but there were no cavities. The liver was of a fawn-color. The mucous membrane of the intestines was inflamed. The mesenteric glands were enlarged.

⃰ It is to be regretted that, in most instances, the records of this hospital do not show by whom the autopsies were made. It is known that many of them were made by Surgeon Bentley himself, or under his immediate supervision, but it is only possible to distinguish these from the others in a few cases.