Case from the case-book of LINCOLN HOSPITAL, Washington, D. C.; Surgeon J. Cooper McKee, U. S. A., in charge.

CASE 421.—Private Frank Hart, company I, 53d Pennsylvania volunteers; age 47; admitted from the depot hospital of the 2d Corps, City Point, Virginia, January 7, 1865. Chronic diarrhœa. Died, March 16, 1865, of pneumonia. Autopsy seventeen hours after death: Height five feet four inches; body much emaciated. The mucous membrane of the larynx and trachea was normal. The right lung weighed twenty-eight ounces; the posterior part of the upper lobe and the upper part of the lower lobe were in a state of congestion approaching red hepatization; the left lung weighed twelve ounces, and was normal; the right pleural sac contained four ounces of fluid, the left pleural sac five ounces. The mucous membrane of the stomach was slightly congested; that of the intestines decidedly so, the congestion increasing in intensity toward the lower part of the canal. The lower part of the ileum was slightly ulcerated. The coats of the large intestine were thickened, and the gut was very much contracted. The liver weighed eighty ounces and a half; the spleen three ounces; the kidneys three ounces each.—Acting Assistant Surgon​ E. B. Harris.