Title: Peckham, A. J.

Source text: Surgeon General Joseph K. Barnes, United States Army, The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion. (1861–65.), Part 1, Volume 2 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1870), 314.

Keywords:wounds and injuries of the headgunshot injuries of the craniumgunshot wounds of the headligations of carotid arteryligation of common carotid arterygeneral anesthesia, chloroform

Civil War Washington ID: med.d1e17283

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Corporal A. J. Peckham, Co. I, 115th New York Volunteers, aged 30 years, received a shot fracture of the occipital, at Cold Harbor, June 3d, 1864, the ball entering at the right of the protuberance, and emerging at the right meatus auditorius. He was conveyed to Alexandria, and, on June 6th, on his admission to 3d division Hospital, in an anæmic state, the wound was swollen from extravasation under the scalp. On the 8th, Surgeon E. Bentley, U. S. V., gave chloroform and ligated the common carotid opposite the thyroid cartilage, The bleeding continued after the operation, and the wound was filled with lint saturated with a solution of persulphate of iron. The patient lingered until June 13th, 1864, and died from syncope.