CASE.—Lieutenant A. G. Williams, Co. E, 63d Pennsylvania Volunteers, received, at the battle of the the Wilderness, Virginia, May 5th, 1864, a gunshot fracture, with depression of the frontal bone, left side; also a wound of the temple; the occipito-frontalis muscle was severed. He was admitted to the hospital of the 2d division, Sixth Corps, where the depressed portions of bone were removed; thence he was conveyed to Washington, D. C., and there attended in his quarters until May 18th, when he was furloughed. He reported at the Officers' Hospital at Annapolis, Maryland, on July 27th, and on August 9th was discharged from the service by reason of Special Order No. 261, A. G. O., August 6th, 1864. He subsequently made application for a pension, and was examined by G. McCook, examining surgeon for pensions, Pittsburg​, Pennsylvania, who reported that the third pair of nerves were affected. His disability is rated at one-fourth and permanent.